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            Home > Badminton Strings > Ashaway Badminton Strings Sets & Reels

          Ashaway is best known for manufacturing the world class racket strings used by many of the world's leading professional players. 
          Zymax 70
          • The strongest .70 mm string ever made.
          •  Has been strung over 40 lbs. in special high tension racket
          • The best string for durability at all stringing tensions. 
          Zymax 67
          • Lowest tension loss of any badminton string.
          • Exceptional tension stability insures an excellent combination of durability and repulsion at all stringing tensions.
          Zymax 65
          • Designed for Optimum Repulsion
          ZyMax 62
          • Is 25% lighter than conventional badminton string.
          • Quite Simply the Best Badminton String in the World.
          ZyMax 62,66,69 Fire
          • ZyWeave core technology prevents tension loss
          • Thin gauge and BETA Polymer Technology maximises shuttle speed and generates explosive repulsion
          • Can be strung up to 30lbs tension

          Ashaway Zymax 62Ashaway Zymax 62
          Ashaway Zymax 65Ashaway Zymax 65
          Ashaway Zymax 67Ashaway Zymax 67
          Ashaway Zymax 70Ashaway Zymax 70
          Ashaway Zymax Fire 62Ashaway Zymax Fire 62
          Ashaway Zymax Fire 66Ashaway Zymax Fire 66
          Ashaway Zymax Fire 69Ashaway Zymax Fire 69
          Ashaway Flex 21Ashaway Flex 21
          Ashaway MicroLegend XLAshaway MicroLegend XL
          Ashaway Rally 21Ashaway Rally 21
          Ashaway Zymax 62 Reel 200mAshaway Zymax 62 Reel 200m
          Ashaway Zymax 65 Reel 200mAshaway Zymax 65 Reel 200m
          Ashaway Zymax 67 200m ReelAshaway Zymax 67 200m Reel
          Ashaway Zymax 70 200m ReelAshaway Zymax 70 200m Reel

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